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Supernatural Inspires The Scribbled Hollow’s First Blog Post

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The Supernatural fandom has shaped so much of who we here at The Scribbled Hollow are today. I have always wanted to own a brick and mortar bookstore. So, when I got my chance to become a direct seller for the publishing companies Usborne and Kane Miller, I took it. And I just started to build from there. We brought in the vinyl decals, more publishing companies, and the dye sublimation process. We made some designs for those things we knew the best, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Back to the Future, and lots and lots of book quotes. We met some actual artists and started licensing some images. But REALLY, we were bookstore… at least I thought that’s what we were supposed to be.

Then, the Supernatural Convention announced they were coming to Phoenix. And oh did I want to go! I loved cons and I loved the show! Mark decided that if we were going to go, we would go as vendors, he could hang out and maybe make a few sales and I could sit in the hall and enjoy….. The first day was slow, and then oh, it happened. A few people stopped by and got custom shirts, and it just snowballed from there. The second and third day we were SLAMMED!! We made so many cool items for people. It was one of our earliest shows doing custom dye sub and we were still learning our craft and good heavens – this was trial by fire. As great as it was for business, we found something else, the fandom.

And oh, what a fandom Supernatural has. We truly are a family. I met some of the most unbelievable and wonderful people! A few of who have become friends and more than a few who I still get to see regularly at all kinds of conventions. I’ll have to write more blogs about the wonderful experiences we have had! We had found our niche in business, in fact, we had come home. However, I was still hoping for that brick and mortar bookstore. It took a few years for me to step fully into a fandom shop that strictly did conventions instead of a bookstore, and of course we still sell books. In fact, you can find our selection of Supernatural books here. I don’t know that we, The Scribbled Hollow, would have ever found our place in this world without our SPN Family.

Introducing our Supernatural Design Countdown

So how did Supernatural ALSO inspire our first blog post? With the show ending I knew I really wanted to give it a proper send off. And what better way than to have our followers help us design something new from each of the last seven episodes! I made the announcement on our social media. And I anxiously awaited Episode 14, and oh boy was it tough! While a fun and heartwarming episode with the perfect Supernatural twist of darkness, it did lack something that makes Supernatural so easy and fun to design for – the poppy one-liners!

The Design for Last Holiday, Episode 14

****Serious Spoilers Ahead****

So with it being such a new concept I was kind of stuck on my own coming up with the design. I hit some reviews, browsed some online fandom comments, and reviewed some pictures from the episode. And that’s when it hit me, the whole episode was Jack’s redemption arc with Dean really. Mrs. Butters thought Jack was threat, but Jack with a soul is not the same as Jack without. Jack with a soul is a loving, kind, generous, compassionate Nephilim. Heck, even without a soul he was still pretty darn good despite the fact he did something horrific, he felt guilt over it. So the problem was Mrs. Butters didn’t know Jack. Jacks redemption moment with Dean came when he made him a birthday cake. So, I took the two concepts and made the “Mrs. Butters, You don’t know Jack” on white (simulate frosting) with sprinkles!! Design. Because Dean was definitely generous with the sprinkles on Jack’s birthday cake. I of course had to make the cheerful design with a more mainstream option, “You don’t know Jack”… but always the sprinkles!

The Design for Gimme Shelter, Episode 15

**** More Serious Spoilers Ahead****

This episode returned with the poppy one liners in full force! And I’m certain that it will inspire more designs and custom work than the one we come up with today. When I first watched it, the first line that struck me was when Amara was talking to Dean and she told him that, “Now is always better than then.” Not a happy line or funny line, but it is undoubtedly one of the overarching themes in the entire series. However, there were many great options and choices that we looked at, not the least being contemplating doing something with Dr. Sexy. Here are some of the lines and ideas seriously considered:

· You look greener than baby Yoda.

· I just graduated from CSI. (with upside down FBI badge)

· Hello, where can I find the Kool-aid?

· Rowena has a hard, people will end up where they belong philosophy.

· Cosmic Dick (on a nebula)

· Highway to Heaven, Murder Mystery

· Dr. Sexy Returns!

However, we returned eventually to the idea of “Now is always better than then.” In great part to The Scribbled Hollow’s own overarching story. How many times have I said to myself, if only I had opened a brick and mortar bookstore? Well, thanks to Supernatural, the fandom, the family we have found. “Now, is always better than then. “

I hope you enjoy tonight’s episode, Drag Me Away (From You), and weigh in with us on what should be our newest Supernatural Countdown Inspired design!

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