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What is dye sublimation? 

The Quick Version: 

The process we use to create our imaged items is known as dye sublimation. It requires the item we are dying to be 100% polyester or polyurethane coated. The lighter colored an item is, the better the image is going to present. We cannot dye black. Shape of an item and color saturation can effect how the final image appears. Fading and smearing can occur and should be expected as part of the normal process.

We use extreme heat and pressure when we dye an item so that it bonds with the poly and as a result, once cooled, the image won't crack, fade, or peel away. Items are dishwasher and dryer safe, and will last many washes for a very long time. 

The Long Version:

Product Slideshow:

Checkout some of the custom items from out shows over the years! 

Water bottle with personal artwork 

(Artist has given permission to recreate) 

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