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Loyalty Lanyard Program

Did you know that you can get 10% off everything whenever you shop? Get a Loyalty Lanyard today!

Lanyards are $10, come in various patterns and designs, and have a small The Scribbled Hollow logo on them. They are great for holding con badges, school & work ID’s, and masks. Whenever you have it with you at a con/event just show it off to us and we’ll give you 10% off everything in the booth!

Also, when you buy one we take down your first name and email address and send a personalized 10% off code to shop the website too! (If within one week you have not received your code and you’ve checked the usual places, i.e. spam folder, please reach out and let us know.)


*Discount from loyalty program is exclusive to the person and non-transferable.  

*At booths you must have the lanyard or discount code.

*Online you must provide your discount code, discount code must match the person/email.

*Cannot be combined with other sales/discounts, whichever is the greater discount will be applied.

*We reserve the right to refuse the discount if we believe it has been transferred or misused.

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