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Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 

March 9-11 2023

Roaring 20s

We are thrilled to be back at Wild West Con this year! We are again, at the behest of Wild Wild West Con using our on-demand technology to put WWWC logos on merchandise for attendees at the convention. 

You can also shop early here on The Scribbled Hollow website!!

The theme this year is The Roaring 20s! 

We have 3 logos to use for WWWC11, one plain year 11 logo, one with a topper of a girl and octopus, and the topper one on a black background. 

We have available the standard logos and 3 specialty logos, pictured below.

(Please see the shopping page for items that you can put them on.) 

We will also be creating customized items at the convention itself! This will be your opportunity to get that quote or image you always wanted but could never find! 

We are thrilled to be able to assist the Southwest's premier Steampunk Convention with providing merchandise with their logos on it to their attendees. We are not WWWC's exclusive vendor or provider and will not produce any of their logos without their express permission, if you do not see something of theirs available here, please reach out to them directly.  

Year 11 Logos:

Will be used on square items such as mousepads or coasters 
Will be used on items such as shirts or mugs 
Final Design.png

Standard Logos:

Specialty Logos:

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