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About us

The Scribbled Hollow is a mystical emporium that sells books, fandom gear, and custom items. We attend fandom, paranormal, and local events in Arizona and the Southwest. We often provide custom on-demand items live at events! We also hold virtual clubs and events online. 

We love supporting other small businesses, artists, clubs, and conventions/events! We often provide merchandise, create items, or provide online sites. We are on the lookout for opportunities to share and support fandom bloggers and creators. We are open to work with (sell) independent authors and license artwork. 


Amber - Founder 

Amber handles most of the day-to-day aspects of The Scribbled Hollow, from the website to social media to the blog and of course the designs! If you have custom work done, it's most likely Amber who has laid it out for you. 

She loves sci-fi, fantasy, and a good mystery. Pugs, books, and fandom are her life blood. Her major fandoms are Harry Potter, Supernatural, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Stranger Things, and Charmed. She LOVES talking to others about their fandoms. 

Mark  - Partner 

Mark handles most of the logistics and communication of The Scribbled Hollow. He does the heavy lifting, designing the booths, fitting items in the trailer, and basically plays real life Tetris. He is the one that usually heat-presses the designs onto items. If you email us, it will be Mark who always replies first! 

He loves sci-fi, zombies, and audiobooks. His fandoms are the Tufoverse, Stargate, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and Cobra Kai/Karate Kid. He enjoys checking out cosplays and chatting with folks. 

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