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All About Our Custom Items 

How is custom different than personalized? A personalized item is a predetermined design on a predetermined item in which you can can change one small aspect of the desgin. Usually by changing words, such as a name. A custom design is when you choose the image, the font, the layout, everything!

What is the cost to personalize or customize an item? Personalization is always included in the price of the item. A small fee of $1-5 is included in the cost of every customizable item. This covers minor layout work, resizing, and adding words. Removing backgrounds, assisting in selecting an image, cleaning up the image, and other time consuming tasks accrues additional fee(s), usually no greater than $10. *Note; we don’t generally do photo alterations where we are removing or replacing people/items, or altering individuals appearances.

How do I provide instructions to personalize or customize an item? Personalized items will have all the options in the listing and you will complete it before checking out. Customized items listings have some options, such as uploading photos and basic instructions but a consult (or two) over video chat may be necessary. Please reach out to us to schedule a time to chat!

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