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Wild Wild West Steampunk Con Dog Shirt

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Product Details

The Wild Wild Wild West Con logo will be centered in the middle of the back of the dog shirt. Our dog shirts are 100% white polyester and will not shrink. See all logo options here.

XLarge: Length 20”, width 14”, waist hole 35”, arm hole 9”, Neck hole 16.5”, chest 15”

Large: Length 16”, width 12”, waist hole 29”, arm hole 8”, Neck hole 15”, chest 13”

Medium: Length 13.5”, width 7.5”, waist hole 17”, arm hole 7”, neck hole 14”,chest9.5”

Small: Length 8”, width 4.5”, waist hole 11”, arm hole 4.25”, neck hole 7”, chest 7”

The neck openings do not have a lot of give to go over the head, please be aware if your dogs head is considerably larger than their neck, such as with an apple head chihuahua.

See all logo options here.

Because we dye the image into each item there may be some slight variation in saturation. Check out our dye sublimation page to learn more!

A custom fee is acquired when we provide graphic art, photo shop work, or creation work.

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