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Happy Holidays and Thank YOU! For visiting us here on Small Business Saturday (and week)

We have two specials that run from Saturday 11/25 to Friday 12/1. 
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The Phoenix Files, Underground

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The end is coming - and Luke is running out of hiding places. He and his friends are trapped, paralysed and lost to the outside world. And the only escape is at the hands of Calvin and his men. Meanwhile, the people of Phoenix are growing suspicious, and the Co-operative may have to take extreme measures to maintain their control. But the worst is yet to come. Deep under Phoenix, Luke is about to uncover a secret that will change everything. And the clock is still ticking. There are 49 days until the end of the world.

Author(s): Chris Morphew

Series: 4 of 6

Publisher: Kane Miller

Country of Origin: Australia

Cover: Paperback

Status: New

Condition: Excellent

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