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Pet Vet: Python Problem

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It is Trump’s job to help the sick animals and Trump’s dog senses are so acute she often draws conclusions before the humans have even begun to think! Trump tells the stories of the animal patients and their families and provides young readers with animal tips, vocabulary words, and a new understanding of the animal world. All the patients are interesting, but some are more interesting than others…

"Take Diamond the python for example ... When Diamond escapes from a moving van, all the animals in Jeandabah panic. It’s up to Trump, Dr. Jeanie’s Jack Russell terrier, to calm them down, and to help find Diamond!"

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Author(s): Darrel & Sally Odgers

Illustrator(s): Janine Dawson

Country of Origin: Australia

Series: Pet Vet Book #4

Cover: Trade Paperback

Status: New

Condition: Excellent

Age 7-11

Accelerated Reader Level/Points: 3.8/1

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