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Wild Wild West Con Gaming Mat

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Wild Wild West Con gaming mat - much like a giant mouse pad! A large neoprene mat with rubber backing, perfect as a gaming mat, desk protector, decorative piece, etc. Add up to 11 logos. Logos will be placed in descending order of year (11,10, 9,8,7...), and sized appropriately to fit on the mat. One logo will be full-size, two logos will be placed next to each other, 3 logos - one will be centered over the first two, etc. There are two sizes and you also have the choice for the mat to be vertical or horizontal.

Small 10"x16" - $20

Medium 12"x18" - $25

See all logo options here.

Because we dye the image into each item there may be some slight variation in saturation. Check out our dye sublimation page to learn more!

A custom fee is acquired when we provide graphic art, photo shop work, or creation work.

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