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The Phantom of the Opera

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In Paris, terror stalks the Opera Garnier. Stories of a terrifying ghost haunting the theatre create panic amongst the musicians and audience. But the ghost is no supernatural phenomenon, but a living, deformed man, Erik, who is hoelessly in love with a promising singer: the beautiful Christine Daae. When her childhood friend Raoul begins courting her, Erik erupts in Jealousy and soon the 'ghost' becomes violent and reckless.

Combining the atmospheric character of Gothic horror with a tale of ill-fated romance, The Phantom of the Opera has been loved by readers worldwide since its first publication in 1925.

Author(s): Gaston Leroux

Genres: Gothic Horror

Age: Young Adult-Adult

Film: Yes (a number of times) and a Musical

Status: New

Condition: Excellent

Cover: Trade Paperback

Pages: 269

Publisher: Arcturus

Publication date: 1/1/1909

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